Wednesday, 23 September 2015

September news...

Hello Malagowers

What a lovely time we had at Windmill Hill City Farm in August.
Chris Lambert was such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker and we had fun looking round the Farm’s growing areas, not to mention sampling the chillies!
Don’t forget the Farm’s ‘Eat Local’ event this Sunday 27th September.
So after a couple of months taking Malago WI on tour over the Summer, the nights are drawing in and we are back in the hall and ‘getting crafty’ with an evening delving into the intriguing world of origami on Wednesday 30th September. 
The word "origami" comes from the Japanese "oru" meaning "to fold" and "kami" or "gami" meaning paper, and a lot of its traditions, techniques and experts come from Japan.
Teaching us will be origami artist Judith Laing who has been a specialist in origami for over 25 years. She has taught all over the world and exhibited her own creations widely as well as being a long standing member of The British Origami Society.
Judith will demonstrate the various techniques involved and then teach us all how to make our own origami pieces, including some lovely Christmas decorations. She will be providing all the materials required for this crafty session, so just bring yourselves!
Priority will be given to full Malago WI members should numbers exceed our capacity.
See you on the 30th!

Until Wednesday...

MWI x 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

August news...

Well, hello Malagowers

Everyone seemed to really enjoy our lovely Summer outing last Month. The weather held for our open top bus tour, glass of fizz and photo opportunity on the Downs, followed by that scrumptious cream tea at the Avon Gorge Hotel. It was great to see so many members, guests and also friends from other WIs.

Having got a taste for the great outdoors we thought we would make the most of the last of the summer by arranging another outing for our August meeting – this time to Windmill Hill City Farm.

Please note that instead of meeting at the hall for 8pm as usual you will need to make your way to the Farm for 7.15pm prompt.
(Philip Street, Bedminster, BS3 4EA)

We will start in the  outdoor Barn Terrace where Chris Lambert, the Farm’s Gardens Manager give an introduction to the Farm and then give his expert advice and tips on how you can grow your own veg and fruit in small urban gardens, raised beds and containers and other tiny spaces.

After a break for tea and cakes Chris will give a guided tour around the Farm taking questions en route. He will show their various growing areas and also some of the allotments, giving tips  and do’s and don’ts of planting, composting, pest control and what to grow when. We will be finishing by 9.15pm as it will be starting to get dark.

You are welcome to park in the Farm car park plus there is usually on street parking nearby as well.

Also advance notice that the Crafty Women centenary celebration of arts and crafts by Avon Federation of WI members is on at M Shed over the weekend of 19 & 20 September. £5 entry (£4 for WI members)

Until Wednesday 26th.....


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Malago WI on tour...


On Wednesday 29 July, our next meeting, we are having our summer outing!
We won't be in the Methodist hall, so please don't turn up there, you'll be disappointed.

We'll be enjoying an open top bus tour through Bristol, a glass of Prosecco on the Downs and a cream tea at the Avon Gorge Hotel - it will be fabulous.
All places have to be pre-booked, so if you've somehow missed this you can email us at to find out the details - you may find yourself on a waiting list at this stage, but it might be worth a try!

Those that are already booked on will receive an email with details of the times and pick up point.
See you there!


Saturday, 20 June 2015

June news...

Well, hello Malagowers

We hope you enjoyed our little introduction to the world of burlesque last month - the hall looked like the scene of a particularly colourful pillow fight by the end of the evening, but I think we had a good time!

At our meeting on Wednesday 24th June there'll be a bit more audience participation as we're having a drumming workshop.  The workshop revolves around the use of common or garden objects such as biscuit tins, food containers, pots and pans, buckets and baking trays for example; in fact anything that makes a ‘good noise’ when hit - avoiding fragile objects such as glass or pottery etc for obvious reasons!
So please bring along something to hit and something to hit it with (or just your hand if you prefer).

Lastly,  it's North Street Summer Fair next weekend and we need more people to help out on our stall and bake cakes to sell.  Please, give up a little time to do something for your lovely WI.  Thank you to all who've signed up to help already, but we do need more of you so please email us to let us know what you're able to do, or if you'll be at our meeting on Wednesday you'll be able to sign up then.  Please do!

Until Wednesday...

Saturday, 23 May 2015

May news...

Hello ladies!

I hope you all enjoyed last month’s meeting with Camilla from Stella and Dot – such a lovely selection of gems and jewels and some great tips on accessorising your outfit.  We also raised £36 in the raffle which goes in to our funds, thanks to Camilla’s prize donation.

Our meeting this month, Wednesday 27th May, also requires accessories, albeit of a slightly different kind as we’ll be having a demonstration workshop in the art of burlesque dancing.

 Mala says ‘Burlesque is for ALL women, regardless of age, shape or size and is a powerful tool in promoting well being , thus raising our levels of self confidence, self esteem and body image. Not to mention having lots of fun and a great experience of female camaraderie!’
so slip on a pair of heels and prepare to have some fun.

We mentioned the WI bulb scheme at last month’s meeting, no orders were placed then so just to remind you all that anyone who does want to place an order will need to do this at Wednesday’s meeting and payment will be required at the same time.

We have confirmed Malago WI’s presence at North Street Fair on Saturday 27th June.  We’ll be selling cakes and our lovely Emily Ketteringham designed tea towels.  Of course, we’ll need your help with baking cakes and helping out on the day itself, so let us know what you can do to help and prepare to have sign up sheets waved in your face at the next meeting!!

While on the subject of helping out, we’re also keen to get a couple more people on to the Malago WI committee.  The 5 of us do our best, but a couple of extra pairs of hands would be a great help.  
Again, let us know if you want to know a bit more about what’s involved (nothing too arduous, I promise.)  
On a similar note, if any budding photographers among you would like to bring along your camera and take a few photo’s during our meetings for us to use on our newsletters and social media pages, it’d be great to have a more visual record of what we get up to. 

Finally, we’d like to say congratulations to 2 of our members, Gerry Prescott and Karen Bowers.  Both were awarded ‘Gold’ for their entry in to the regional heats for the Avon Federation Arts and Crafts exhibition, so their work will be on display at the exhibition itself at M-Shed on 19th and 20th September.

So, with that said, we hope to see lots of you on Wednesday!

Until then,