Thursday, 9 April 2009

Malago WI March and April

Malago red roses, you sing like birds!

Your humble correspondent was off sick, but our president, Karen Bowers, sent this report:

March's meeting was a real gem. Everyone seemed to talk to someone new, everyone had a laugh. Selina of Intercre8 led us in a fantastic ice breaker that had us running madly across the room like children playing musical chairs at a party. Then we started to find our voices, and then we sang. We sounded great! I think we were all stunned. Working in groups meant we mixed and mingled, and then pairs exercises on tongue twister certainly removed any last remains of embarrassment or keeping up appearances. Even finishing off the evening, with the usual announcements, felt different and felt like we were all in it together. 

Sounds like I missed a good one. But, to bring me back from the brink of despair, April's meeting is set to be a corker too. Phew. With this dreary credit crunch showing no signs of abating, we need all the fun we can get. And penny-saving tips to boot! Which is just as well, as we have urban self sufficiency from one half of Bristol's own Good Life duo, Dave Hamilton, and a talk from Kath Kelly, best-selling author of ‘How I Lived a Year on Just a Pound a Day’. Put Wednesday 29 April in your diary.

And talking of environmental issues, Malago WI now has its very own environmental policy, detailing how we plan to minimise the impact our activities has on resources and do as much as we can to help save the planet. Have a look here:

Feel free to comment - we want your ideas on how to make Malago WI an exemplar group.

There's still time to don your smock and beret for the Art Trail. Whether you'd like to make work for the art exhibition, a cake/biscuits/treats for the cafe, or volunteer your services to help out over the weekend, just drop us a line at the usual address, The more the merrier.

Malago W.I Go Pro on Flickr!

Until recently we have only had a lowly guest account on the photo-sharing site, Flickr. We are now very pleased to announce that we have upgraded to a Pro account. This means we can upload many more photos and document different aspects of our institute online. Perhaps you’ve tried out a new recipe and photographed the results or maybe you’ve knitted, gardened or campaigned. If you have an image you think might be at home on our Flickr page please send it to Alice at alicehendy at

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