Thursday, 18 June 2009

Campaign ideas from May's meeting

At the May meeting, we heard about the national campaign, SOS for honey bees. And we also invited members to suggest issues they feel strongly about and would like Malago WI to consider putting forward as a campaign in the future, on a local or national level.

Here is a list of those ideas:
:: Women on the breadline/ single mums; provide opportunities to join WI through assistance with membership costs, taking WI to them, help with skills needs such as literacy/ basic skills.
:: Women who self-harm; raise profile/ understanding/ support.
:: Elderly in our community; befriending
:: Pink toys - gender specific toys/ products for children
:: Plastic recycling and use reduction
:: Supermarkets taking over - support independents
:: Hospital care - feeding issues
:: Food - body image/ media/ education in schools
:: Food - wastage/ cost
:: Education - sex and relationships/ domestic violence
:: Schools - overtesting, learning to pass exams, no love for learning, too target driven
:: Schools - fear in Bristol of Secondary Schools
:: More space for growing food locally
:: Creating sustainable communities
:: Public transport - service and cost, oil alternatives
:: Traffic on North Street - more crossings, encourage people not car focus
:: Parking at Tesco (North Street) on double yelow lines
:: Dog mess and mess on pavements
:: Encourage more people to get wormeries
:: Bike theft
:: Vandalism
:: Rubbish - litter and fly-tipping
:: Buddy scheme - elderly
:: Diversity in WI; encourage/ research
:: Street Parties
:: Encourage women to cycle/ link with Sustrans
:: Support Bristol South swimming pool

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