Thursday, 13 August 2009

Meet the committee

It's time for a cabinet re-shuffle, so if you're interested in getting more involved in Malago WI have a read about the committee and their roles.

All members of the committee are involved in recruitment. They also share the hosting and other responsibilities for the monthly committee meetings. The Malago committee all takes part in setting up the hall before each meeting. Committee members deliver information to the institute and organise fund raising activities. Other tasks include finding contacts for meetings, baking, and gathering materials for meetings.

Karen Bowers

Karen chairs the committee and member meetings. She oversees planning of all meetings and communicates with the local WI branches, and with the regional federation (so quite a bit of talking)! Banging the ceremonial rolling pin is also required.

Vice President
Lottie Storey

Lottie creates our newsletter and our website, sending regular updates to members. Other duties as vice president include chairing meetings and deputising in the absence of our President. Lottie helps with the programme, contributes to fundraising projects and events, such as Best of Bedminster and the Southbank Art Trail.

Jen Gill

Jen does the number stuff. This includes financial reporting and budgeting, and she reports on fundraising. She has links with regional & national branches and has a keen interest in WI campaigning.

Kirstie Wright

Kirstie deals with regional and national business, reporting and bookings. She files the minutes, offers fundraising support and advice on applications, and helps manage the WI database with Jen.

New members/visitors
Emma Squire

Emma welcomes new members and guests. 
She organises the register, maintains the membership
database and is the smiley face that greets you on arrival.

Creative Director
Alice Hendy

Alice is responsible for the flowers and styling for our meetings and stalls, and sources materials for events. Alice is our official photographer, responsible for our Flickr page, as well as the design and visual identity of communications, the noticeboard and events. She also manages our official email inbox and helps provide images and information for the website.

Tea Hostess
Carrie Fletcher

Carrie leads on refreshments at meetings, co-ordinating the rota for tea-making, washing up, and cake-making. Carrie relies on members to help run the kitchen and pour the tea. Her role takes her away from the meeting at times to disappear into the kitchen and attend to the urn.

Programming Officer
Angie Last

Angie leads the programming of meetings as well as social events and workshops. Angie confirms the attendance of our speakers and arranges the fee. She hosts our speakers, ensuring they have all they need for a successful meeting.

Campaigns Officer
Odette McBride

Odette keeps up to date with national WI campaigns and also works on the campaigns we choose to do locally, leading meetings that require a member vote.

Press Officer
Jill Reakes

Jill prepares and issues our press releases. She is the first contact for press enquiries and leads on the filing of press coverage received. She keeps an eye on regional and national press & stories.

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