Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Short days, long nights... Autumn has fallen

Dear Malago-ers

To everything, there is a season, and this is fast becoming a nippy one. Still, at least you now have the wherewithal to knit yourself a Winter hat. Or at least you do if you were one of the 87 (87!) women who came together to knit away the last of that Indian summer at September's meeting. Wow! We couldn't quite believe it ourselves. We weren't expecting you all, so apologies that we ran out of tables, chairs and knitting needles. Hopefully, though, we made do and you had a lovely evening. Next time we'll be ready for you... Well done to all who completed a mini-hat - they've gone to Innocent to warm up those chilly smoothies, and pictures will be up on our Flickr site soon.

Speaking of which, October marks our first birthday, so we're celebrating with a party on Wednesday 28 October. Apologies to non-members, but as we have 'official business' to attend to, it is open to paid-up 2009 members only (who should all know about the change of venue, and have a beautiful invitation to remind them). Nibbles, birthday cake and a welcome drink will be provided, bring pocket money for the cash bar afterwards (and we are asking for a suggested donation of £4 to cover part of the party cost). If you did take an invitation but now cannot come, please let us know by emailing jointhewi@gmail.com - it'll mean we can give your place to someone else.

Some of you might have seen a handful of fellow members baring, well, not much actually, in the Evening Post last week. Our support of the Berate campaign objecting to the Tesco plans at Ashton Gate reached new highs (or lows, depending on your perspective) when we posed nude-ish behind a banner - huge thanks to the brave ladies who took part, and to Alice for taking such beautiful pictures. BBC Radio Bristol interviewed Alice and Lottie on Tuesday morning, live on the Breakfast show, which generated much debate with listeners calling-in to give their views on the subject. There is still time to object (by email, post or online - until 31 October) and we have submitted our official objection as a local, interested organisation. Keep those fingers crossed...

Coming up
Malago WI are official tea-and-cake purveyors to the opening of a new playground at Gore's Marsh, Winterstoke Road, on Sunday 25 October, between 10.30-3pm. Come down, look around, have a go on the slider (or the urn! Spare pinnies available).

Sharpen your pencils for November's creative writing session, taking place on Wednesday 25 November, usual place, usual time.

And put Saturday 5 December in your diary - we've organised a Christmas cupcake-decorating workshop to get you in the festive mood. More details and an opportunity to book your place at October's party.

We're off to practice the words to 'Happy Birthday'.
Until we meet again,

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Shani Phethean-Hubble said...

I was one of those 87 and thoroughly enjoyed myself... thank you..