Sunday 19 July 2009

Malago WI news - July

Hello petals...

The June meeting of the Malago Women's Institute saw us going back to our roots and embracing all that is good and great about that traditional WI pastime - flower arranging. But you know us well enough by now to realise we do things a little differently south of the river... instead of stuffy church-style chrysanthemum displays, we learnt how to make the most of what's in the shops combined with plants from our own gardens and, ahem, environs. Move over Constance Spry, Malago WI put together some exquisite and unusual arrangements in the most unlikely vessels including jam jars, jugs and milk bottles. Nothing was impossible with the help of Bristol florist, lovely Clare from Les Fleurs - thank you, Clare!

(If you want to combine your love of flowers with the equally esteemed art of cake-baking, here are a few ideas:
:: A list outlining which flowers can be eaten
:: A book or two
:: Recipes for cooking with roses, nasturtiums, and, my personal favourite, violets)

So, we've tended to your horticultural and nutritional needs, now onto the physical. July's meeting is guaranteed to get your stomach muscles twitching with a spot of Pilates. Developed in the early 20th century, Pilates teaches awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, and aims to strengthen the deep torso muscles. Wear comfortable, loose clothing, and bring a mat or towel to lie on.

We'll also be hearing from Barbara, our local link to what's happening in the WI nationally, about the recent AGM and the resolution that was passed by an overwhelming majority - SOS for Honey Bees. And on a more local level, we'll hear from one of the campaigners involved in Berate, Bedminster Residents Against Tesco's Expansion into Ashton Gate.

Coming up: Hold your breath - August's meeting is a carefully guarded secret for the moment, but looking ahead to September and it's Ways with Wool, as well as the ever-popular Best of Bedminster Show on Saturday 26 September (for which Malago WI is official tea and cake provider). The BoB show is a great way for Malago WI to spread the word and pick up new recruits, and for members to enter lots of lovely village green-style contests - for entry forms visit the BoB website, or raid the noticeboard (also for blank posters for kids to design and display).

And October sees our first birthday party, hooray! There will be a change of venue to allow for us to raise a glass to a remarkable year - details tbc... And October's party is also the time and the place to establish who will make up the committee in 2010. If you think you might be up to the job, have a chat to current committee members over the next couple of meetings, and/or browse the noticeboard for more about who does what. Roles vary, but the committee commitment isn't huge - one evening a month for a committee meeting plus some additional bits and pieces depending on the role. Have a think, we'd love to have you.

Oh, and we're moving with the times - for all the latest news as and when it breaks, find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Don't forget our first social evening - Wednesday 22 July, 8pm, Tobacco Factory - and our July meeting, Wednesday 29 July.
So long...

Wednesday 1 July 2009