Tuesday 21 March 2017

March news....

With Spring in the air now is the time shake off those winter blues and start thinking about making the most of our gardens.

March’s meeting will be led by Niels Corfield, specialist edible garden and urban agriculture designer and consultant, director of Edible Cities as well as a nursery man and teacher of all things growing.
Niels will take us through the process of transforming our gardens into productive, low maintenance, edible spaces that are also both ecological and aesthetic. He will lead a short participatory garden ‘design for real’ activity as well as talking about Edible Cities, the urban design consultancy, education and nursery project that has been creating edible landscapes since 2008.
If you’re feeling inspired there will also be a range of supporting information booklets to buy on the evening, whilst his next evening class called Designing Edible Spaces at Feed Bristol, begins on 26th April.
NFWI are holding elections for its Boards of Trustees. Members will be able to place their vote at the meeting and full details of the candidates is available on the NFWI website.
We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 29th.