Sunday 17 November 2019

November news....

Thank you to everyone who came to our October meeting and AGM.  It was great to hear your ideas about future meetings.  We all loved creating an origami Christmas tree forest and trying on some gorgeous kimonos thanks to Yukiko.
Our last meeting of 2019 will have a distinctly festive feeling with a range of Christmas treats and music to help get us in the mood for the festivities throughout December.  We will be joined by Rachel Heaton, a local artist who has been dabbling in art for a lifetime. Art is total escapism for her, it is an excuse to hide away and ignore her family
A member of Redcatch Art Club, she loves to shock with her outrageous approach of slapping the paint on super quick and watching what emerges. At the moment she loves painting dogs and cats but also creating images of people on stones.  She will be exhibiting her work at this weekend’s Totterdown Front Room Art Trail.
Rachel will bring along examples of her amazing artwork and painted stones to inspire us to paint our own which we can either keep or choose to hide to be found by others.  The idea behind Bristol Rocks is to decorate rocks and hide them in various places to randomly brighten someone's day. You can use whatever you like, paint, sharpies etc., they just need to be sealed with some clear varnish to make sure the rain doesn't wash away your designs.  If you add a message on the back saying 'Bristol Rocks Facebook Page' or something along those lines, you can even add your name, then maybe some will be reposted to the group when they are found.
All materials will be provided but if you have a favourite stone or two that you would like to decorate do bring these along as well.
We hope to see many of you on 27th November, but for those who can’t make it, we wish you happiness and good health for the festive season.