Tuesday 3 July 2012

Always on my mind

Yo, Malago!

After June's relaxing meeting, we've been feeling the benefits of Jackie Hawken's mindfulness techniques, and, despite the endless rain, have felt inner calm and a peaceful guesthouse. Jackie mentioned quite a few books during her talk and we'll put them up on the site just as soon as she sends us the deets.

And we passed the WI Olympic torch, received from Westleaze WI on their Raleigh Choppers, on to Dundry WI who plan to take it onwards via tractor.

July - a special treat lies in store. Rather than our usual Methodist Church meeting, we're going on a trip to The Ethicurean at Wrington. One of the most fabulous places in all the land, we'll tour the beautiful walled garden, hear how the restaurant was born from its chef/owners, and sample tea and cakes of a different variety.

Malago WI will cover the cost of this meeting, but we ask you to contribute £5 towards the coach cost. Places are filling up fast - you have until 9 July to confirm your place, after which we'll open the list to non-members.

Drop us a line for more info, or pop your £5 in a named envelope through Lottie's door.

Until then, stay dry,

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