Thursday 24 May 2018

May news....

Hello Malagoers,

Last month’s meeting was a delight for the taste buds with the rebranded Blend and Bird Tea Co. and their astounding array of teas for every mood and occasion.

This month we are focusing on the body courtesy of Claire Callaghan B.Pty MSc. Claire has been a Chartered Physiotherapist for over 20 years working in both the NHS and private sector. She is now working in the private sector, having worked in Sport, Exercise and Health at University of Bristol in a clinical and managerial capacity for many years.  

She specialises in sport and physical activity, injury and Women’s Health and Wellbeing. She runs workshops for various groups both in the private and corporate sector. She is particularly interested in how the female body changes over the life cycle and how we can best take care of ourselves through the various stages of life, from the childhood and teen years, childbirth, menopause and the changes which come with natural aging. The workshop will focus on unique aspects of women’s posture and movement and how to keep the bones, joints, muscles and nerves healthy throughout life. There will be some discussion about how to fit activity into your day, how to gain strength and fitness and avoid and manage injuries.

Don’t forget if you are interesting in attending the House of Fraser June Social and Pampering Treat on 5th June, please email or sign up at May’s meeting.

We are planning our fundraising activities for the year and will be taking a stall at Pride on Saturday 14th July.  Based in Millennium Square, we will be making kites, selling cakes and wearing far too much glitter! If you are interesting helping out by baking some cakes or helping on the stall, you will be able to sign up at May’s meeting.

We look forward to seeing you on 30th May.