Tuesday 28 February 2012

February meeting :: Top secret art trail news

Hey Malago, still happy? Hope so. Our January meeting was a triumph - we hope it helped alleviate the gloom of January and that you are now spreading happiness everywhere you go, like the little sunbeams we know you are. Thanks to Liz of Happy City who helped us realise the important things in life after the excesses of Christmas, and thanks to the wonderful cake-bakers and tea-makers for all your efforts.

As part of the meeting, we introduced the concept for our Southbank Art Trail cafe, for which we will be a-making and a-crafting at February's meeting. So here's a little bit more to whet your appetite.

The Stormy Teacup cafe will be open on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 May, located in the house of one of our members. The cafe will be a sight to behold: delicious and unusual food and drink to buy and enjoy in a beautiful, darkly-decorated, cafe. Hopefully the sun will shine once again (as it did for our efforts in 2009), meaning both indoor and outdoor seating, both of which will look spectacular.

We will be asking for members to make and donate food, and to work in the cafe over the weekend. And we'll put together a working group to make more beautiful pieces for the show outside of our regular meetings. For more information or to volunteer for either or both, drop us an email: wearemalagowi@gmail.com

Meanwhile, we will make four different types of decorations during our February meeting. These are:
Origami birds in dark colours with a flash of colour
Canvases embroidered with tattoo designs, woodland creatures and cross-stitch messages
Decoupage tins and jars, to hold flowers, cutlery and candles
Wool covered letters, spelling out the name of our magical cafe

During the meeting you'll have a chance to try your hand at any of these crafts, and we'll provide instructions should you wish to take them home and carry on your crafting.

We're on the look-out for the following:
:: Jam jars
:: Tins of all shapes and sizes
:: Dark coloured wool
:: Embroidery hoops
:: Plain canvases
:: Embroidery thread
:: Needles
:: Old cutlery
:: Fabric - dark colours (black, grey etc) or bright pink

If you have any of the above, please bring it along with you on the night.

See you on Wednesday 29 February, 8pm.

Over and out