Tuesday 27 April 2021

April news.....

So as lockdown starts to ease slightly, we are looking forward to seeing you all again.  Hopefully we will welcome some new members –we are all desperate for some fun and socialising!
We appreciate that for Malago members, COVID restrictions on gatherings has hit our programme hard.  When we asked members about options - feedback from some of you was that there was not much interest in an online programme. We have always felt that many of our members joined Malago to meet new people, to get out for an evening and to socialise. We had comments that you either spend all day on screen for work, or home schooling, or you are not interested/able to participate in Zoom type meetings. Plus, there are lots of online workshops, events available anyway. 
Although lockdown is thankfully easing it is unlikely, we will be able to meet up as usual inside until after the summer plus the hall is currently being used as a vaccination centre. So, we are focussing on some fun outdoor activities to all of us to meet again over next few months
In May we will be offering a guided tour of Underfall Yard – hopefully in person. it’s a fascinating place steeped in history with lots to see and hear about.
In June we are going to have a bit of a party at the lovely Riverside Garden Centre with a talk and tour with advice about plants (plus opportunity to buy!) with cakes and nibbles/drinks from their fab cafĂ©.
We are still looking at plans for July, but in August we are planning another outdoor event possibly a picnic in the park or rescheduling the Theatre Walk with Show Of Strength Theatre Company.  Then in September we will be back either in the hall, or another inside venue, with a programme of talks, demos, workshops etc.
As a response to COVID restrictions, the National WI suspended membership fee for three months with them restarting in April 2021 until April 2022.
The new yearly subscription will be £44. The membership is divided between National Federation and Avon Federation (£22.40) and Malago WI (£21.60). The National Federation has confirmed that going forward the membership fee due to them and Avon Fed must still be paid but that individual WIs can, if they wish, waive our part of the membership fee if they feel this will help support its members and encourage people to renew.
As we were not able to offer a programme of activities last year to our existing members, we have agreed to waive Malago WIs share of the fee for 2021 for any members wishing to renew, meaning that renewing members will be charges £22.40.  As COVID restrictions ease, we are hoping to be able to 10 meetings this year and welcome new members.  The membership fee for new members will be £44.  Guests will still be able to attend meetings and outings for £5 where we have capacity. 
We are cautiously excited to see familiar (and new faces) in the coming months.