Thursday 24 April 2014


Spring greetings to you all!
What gorgeous weather we’ve had recently, doesn’t it make you feel good?
Blue sky and sunshine, lovely – please stay.

Much like last month’s meeting – making porcelain beads, buttons, pendants and all manner of little trinkets with Lisa Stevens.
 A lovely evening of chatter and play also makes you feel good and we still have the thrill of getting the finished, glazed items back from Lisa!

This month Helen Blenkinsop will be talking to us about how to preserve memories. 
As a Women’s Institute maybe we’re more familiar with preserving fruits and vegetables, but how often have you heard a story from an elderly relative’s past, or witnessed your own children do something or say something that made you think ‘I must remember that’?

Well, Helen will tell us how.  And she knows, because she’s done just that having spent four years working with her parents to capture their memories and produce an 80,000 word book for future generations to enjoy.

 Helen is also a published author and writes suspense-filled thrillers with a touch of romance under the name AA Abbott; take a look at her website for more details about her books.

Bring along a pen and paper to the meeting on Wednesday and if you like, old diaries and photos - perhaps from your teenage years, or older ones that you've inherited.  Also a bit of pocket money, as Helen will have her books for sale!

Looking ahead to our May meeting, we’d like your help please.

We’ll be welcoming Vicky Harrison from Paper Village and Louise Horler from the Dress a Girl Around the World Project – read more about this lovely charity that provides little girls in third world countries with pretty dresses, HERE.

 We‘ll be making fabric flowers and decorating pockets and patches, which we will give to Vicky to add to the pillowcase dresses made during the sewing sessions she’ll be co-ordinating over the summer.

So, can you help by digging out any scraps of fabric and cutting out 12cm diameter circles for the fabric flowers?  We need 6 circles to make 1 flower, so your help will be appreciated!
Otherwise, any pieces of fabric, or haberdashery such as buttons, ribbons, bias-binding, pieces of lace and the like that you’d be willing to donate to the cause would also be very welcome.

In the meantime, be sure to support Vicky’s latest project as it reaches its climax.  Maybe you’ve already been involved in making pieces for the City of Briswool, a huge, woolly representation of our fine City.  It will be on display in Paper Village during the Arts Trail weekend of May 17th and 18th.

Finally, the Race for Life is happening in Bristol on Sunday 6th July and Malago WI has entered a group.  If you’d like to be part of it, you just need to enter our Group ID code when you register and we can share our fundraising efforts for Cancer Research UK as well as perhaps co-ordinate training sessions for those inclined to run!  Let us know if you’d like to be part of this wonderful event with Malago WI.

Until Wednesday,