Tuesday 21 May 2024

May news....

 Thank you to our very own Suze for sharing her story and showing us how to make colourful and fun jewellery. A welcome bit of colour to welcome summer.

This month one of our members, Robyn, will be leading us in a session of gentle movement and self-care through Qi Gong.
Shibashi is a Chinese form of exercise called qi gong. Shibashi means '18 moves' and Qi Gong means 'energy work'. Qi or energy is in all living things and permeates the universe.
Qi Gong dates back thousands of years and was practiced by the shaolin monks to promote the smooth flow of energy through the body.
Chinese medicine is based on the principle that the smooth flow of energy through the energy channels (meridians) in the body is the basis of good health and that illness is caused by the stagnation of qi or blockages in these energy pathways.
The Shibashi sequence of eighteen soft, gentle movements was developed in the early 20th Century to help patients recover from injury, regain their strength, and improve their health. The exercises were found to be so effective at improving health and wellbeing that it is taught and practiced all over China.
No skill is required to practice, the movements are very simple, and the students simply copy the teacher, it can be practiced seated or standing.
No effort or competition is intended in the practice. It does involve raising the arms above the head and soft gentle twists from side to side but if one is unable to do so it is perfectly OK to leave bits out. Only do what is comfortable.
Please wear comfortable clothing and flat comfortable shoes.
If you have not had the chance to renew your membership, we encourage to do so when we meet. The membership fee for 2024/25 is £48. As part of your membership, you can attend eleven meetings throughout the year and have membership to WI Avon Fed and National WI. Of the £48, we receive £23.60 of your membership, and this go towards covering the cost of speakers, materials, hall rent (which is £34 per meeting) and outings.
Membership can be paid by bank transfer or cash.
We hope to see you on Wednesday 29th at 8pm.

Thursday 18 April 2024


We hope you enjoyed our Easter crafting, hot cross buns, and chat at our last meeting as much as we did. We also hope you had a lovely Easter with an abundance of chocolate, treats and time with loved ones.
This month, we continue our crafting theme which is hosted by our very own Suze.
Lock down and constant video meetings, inspired Suze to set up SuzieEstherJewellery to try and add a bit of variety and colour into days spent at home staring at a camera!
All pieces are handmade by Suze in sunny Bristol, in her cosy garage workspace. She brings a pop of colour to the wearers day and aims to make pieces that the recipient can dress up or down.
She combines traditional silversmithing with cold enamel, and polymer clay to give that pop of colour and something a little different. Due to the nature of the processes, each piece will be unique.
The pieces are made using recycled silver where possible, and all clay, enamel & waste metal is saved to reused in future projects
Suze will show us how we can make our own earrings with polymer clay. All materials will be provided, however if you have a glass work top safer or shining ceramic tile you can bring, this will be helpful to roll out your clay.
April is also membership renewals. The membership fee for 2024/25 is £48. As part of your membership, you can attend eleven meetings throughout the year and have membership to WI Avon Fed and National WI. Of the £48, we receive £23.60 of your membership, and this go towards covering the cost of speakers, materials, hall rent (£34 per meeting) and outings.
We want to ensure that we offer our members and guests a diverse range of meetings and outings. We have seen a significant increase in our costs and will therefore be increasing the cost of a guest to £8.
Membership can be paid by bank transfer or cash.
We have another exciting programme planned for the year. We hope to see you on Wednesday 24th April at 8pm.

Friday 22 March 2024

March news....

Last month we had an amazing talk from Sam Mackay about the wonders of terrarium and offered us inspiration on how to make our own.   
With Easter just a week away, we have double the treats for our March meeting.
First, we will be upcycling tin cans to make delightful Easter baskets, plant pots or container to brighten up your home.  We will be providing some materials, but we would also ask you to bring any used tin cans you would like to decorate (which have been cleaned) and wrapping paper or napkins to decorate your tin.
In addition, we will also be trying to find the best hot cross bun!  There will be a few to try and judge so we can see which one comes out on top!
We hope you can join us in for our Easter meeting, chat, and crafting.
See you on Wednesday 27th March at 8pm.

Thursday 22 February 2024

February news....

Last month we had a great start to the year, hearing about the amazing work of Fare Share Southwest from Jenny.   Following the meeting Jenny shared that our donation of £50 is enough to redistribute 200 meals worth of surplus food to those in need, which is really appreciated.  They were also very touched by our food donations.

This month, we are delighted to welcome Sam Mackay from Other World Terrariums  & formerly of MILA plants.
Sam is a lover of all things green and a supporter of small independent business who he stocks in The Ethical Gift Shop in SPARKS, as well as a champion of the Bristol LGBTQIA+ community.
Sam will demonstrate how to make your very own terrarium, with lots of advice on the best plants to choose & how to care for them.  Sam will also do a Houseplant Q&A for those of you who don’t know your Aspidistra from your Zamioculcas zamiifolia (we had to Google that one!) so get your green fingered questions ready!
There will also be the opportunity to buy some plants so don’t forget your card!  
See you on Wednesday 28th February at 8pm.

Sunday 21 January 2024

January news....

 Firstly, Happy New Year! We hope that you all had an enjoyable and restful festive period. It seems a long time ago sine we were making Christmas tree decorations in November. Thank you to everyone who took part and helped us with our festive decorations. The tree looked amazing and was a fantastic addition to Tree Fest.

January can be a difficult month, with the sparkle of Christmas behind us, long, dark evenings and changeable weather. It can be hard to get out, but we hope you can join us for our first meeting of 2024. As well as an amazing speaker, there will be cake, tea, and chat.
This month, we will be welcoming Jenny Weld from Fare Share Southwest, the region’s biggest food redistribution charity. Jenny will be sharing how they save millions of meals worth of food from going to landfill each year, and instead deliver it to over 400 South West charities, schools and community groups preventing countless individuals from going hungry. With billions of tonnes of UK food going to waste every year and a nation food poverty crisis, food redistribution has become more important than ever. Jenny will be sharing a short quiz about the weird and wacky ways food can become surplus, as well as heartwarming stories about how it gets repurposed.
We will not be having a raffle this January, instead, if we would like to, you can bring items to donate to Fare Share. They are currently looking for low sugar cereal, soup, tinned meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables, baked beans, non-chilled juice, cooking oil, chopped tomatoes, pasta, rice, and tinned pulses. Jenny will be on her bike so nothing too big if you would like to donate.
We are really looking forward to seeing familiar faces and new ones. If you haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions, coming to a Malago WI meeting could be one.
See you on Wednesday 31st January at 8pm.