Saturday 16 September 2023

 Our final outing of the summer was a great success, with a sneak peek at Clifton Vaults hidden under the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge.  Stepping back in time to get a glimpse of engineering excellence.  We were a distinctive sight in hard hats and high vis jackets!

As the night starts to draw in, this month we are back in the hall. Marian Green is a published author and will be joining us to tell us all about folklore and country magic, a longstanding passion of hers.   The subjects of her books range from the Holy Grail to meditation.  As a follow-up meeting, we hope to join Marian on a guided walk in a local green space next Spring where she will show us the plants that have inspired the country magic, she'll tell us about.

We hope you can join us for a chat, cuppa, and cake.

See you on Wednesday 27th September at 8pm.