Tuesday 17 April 2012

Spring is in the air...

...which means not long until the Art Trail!

 But first let's talk blogs. March's meeting was a splendid effort. Who thinks Lindsay has a future career as a chat show host? We loved the living room set, and it certainly seemed to put our esteemed panel members at ease. They were fantastic speakers, and the subject matter was fascinating.

Thanks again to Josephine of Slummy Single Mummy, Bethany of Bristol Craft, Laura of Side Street Style, and Catherine of Bristol Parenting Cafe. Check out Alice's lovely photos for a visual round-up of what took place.

We've managed to unearth a few bloggers in our midst, too: Lou writes Little Green Shed, Moira is the author of Stuff and Nonsense, Gareth is the face behind Just Gai, and Lottie's blog is Oyster & Pearl. A talented lot indeed - let us know if you'd like to go public with your blog.

So, onto April's meeting - A New Taste of Spring - which a change to our advertised programme. Spring and early summer can be a big challenge for cooks making the most of fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Shannon Smith, an experienced food and cooking tutor, shows how to enjoy wild greens, salad herbs, and fruit leaves, in a cook-and-taste session featuring something savoury and something sweet. Nettles, sorrel and blackcurrant leaves are likely to be on the menu – along with other refreshing and potent flavours. Members are invited to bring samples of new green things from the garden, allotment, or gathered from the wild, for tasting and inspiration.

And back to the Art Trail. Don't forget to bring along any completed projects to the meeting on Wednesday 25 April. We'll also be taking down the names of you wonderful volunteers who will be manning the caff and making food for us to sell as part of your 'hour a year' commitment to Malago WI - thank you all in advance.

We're going to produce a 'save the date' email invitation for you to send round to friends and family - we hope our Stormy Teacup cafe will be as popular as our last Art Trail effort so any promotion you could help with would be ace.

Evening craft sessions - we've put dates in the diary for these, so if you can make any of the following sessions then drop us a line:
Wednesday 18 April
Monday 23 April
Thursday 3 May
Wednesday 9 May
Tuesday 15 May

For more details, email us - wearemalagowi@gmail.com

Does anyone have any of the following they could donate or lend for the weekend itself (19-20 May):
Furniture - small tables, stools, old chairs, random drawers from old pieces of furniture
Cutlery or crockery
A bell tent or yurt

Think that's all for now.
Toodle pip