Sunday 13 February 2022

It was lovely to see friends old and new at our first meeting of 2022 and to be able to get together once again.  Thanks goes to Judi of Fire and Sand Glass Design for a great start to an exciting year of meetings.
To help springle a little bit sparkle during these dark evenings, this month we are delighted to be hosting the Great Baldini! ‘Emperor of illusion’, ‘Prince of Prestidigitation’ and ‘Maharajah of Mystery’, the Great Baldini is a magical legend, a music hall relict, and an old school theatrical performer.  The Great Baldini’s History of Magic is an hour-long lecture that traces magic from its origins as an essential part of religion, to its persecution by burning to a global entertainment phenomenon.  Interspersed with astounding and entertaining illusions.
As with 2021 membership, WIs have the flexibility to charge a lesser amount for their share of the membership fee.  Last year, we only charged membership fees which covered WI and AFWI contributions but did not charge anything for Malago WI's share.  Unfortunately, our current finances mean that we are unable to do this for 2022 membership.  We are therefore proposing to charge the full fee of £44 for 2022.  We need to ask current members if they are happy to support this.  You can do this or ask any questions by emailing  Membership renewals will take place at our April meeting.
We are settling into our new space at Bedminster Methodist Church.  As logistics are slightly different, we need help to set up at the start at the meeting and with refreshments.  If you can help, please arrive, about half an hour early or come to speak to us when you arrive.  We ask that everyone help to put the room back to its original set up before you leave so we can all get home in good time.
We would be delighted to see new faces at our meetings, so guests can attend February meeting for free, so why not bring a friend along!
See you on Wednesday 23rd 8pm start.