Wednesday 17 April 2013

Spring in to April


Having enjoyed a Magical March meeting with professional storyteller Martin Maudsley, huddled around candlelit tables listening to tales of enchanted forests, river gods and hidden treasure which, in turn, lead on to musical interludes of apples, sunshine and cider and a bit of riddle solving,  it felt like a fitting end to the dark, cold months of winter.

But now, here we are in April, enjoying longer, lighter evenings and the occasional, teasing glimpse of what spring has to offer, yet still waiting for it to fully unfurl!

So while we continue the wait, let’s get on top of our wardrobe woes with the help of renowned image consultant Karen Lowe.

Have you been shopping for jeans recently and thought ‘Which style will best suit me?’

Do you know which garment is the best style for you?

With Karen’s help we have the chance to indulge in body shape SOS.

Bring some items you struggle to wear, get ready to wardrobe de-junk and learn the style of great accessorising, the importance of correctly fitting underwear and how to dress in a way to flatter our bodies.

Karen has helped a number of clients refresh their style and increase their self-esteem to boot, now who wouldn’t benefit from a little bit of that?!

We look forward to seeing you all on the 24th April!
Toodle pip!