Tuesday 21 May 2024

May news....

 Thank you to our very own Suze for sharing her story and showing us how to make colourful and fun jewellery. A welcome bit of colour to welcome summer.

This month one of our members, Robyn, will be leading us in a session of gentle movement and self-care through Qi Gong.
Shibashi is a Chinese form of exercise called qi gong. Shibashi means '18 moves' and Qi Gong means 'energy work'. Qi or energy is in all living things and permeates the universe.
Qi Gong dates back thousands of years and was practiced by the shaolin monks to promote the smooth flow of energy through the body.
Chinese medicine is based on the principle that the smooth flow of energy through the energy channels (meridians) in the body is the basis of good health and that illness is caused by the stagnation of qi or blockages in these energy pathways.
The Shibashi sequence of eighteen soft, gentle movements was developed in the early 20th Century to help patients recover from injury, regain their strength, and improve their health. The exercises were found to be so effective at improving health and wellbeing that it is taught and practiced all over China.
No skill is required to practice, the movements are very simple, and the students simply copy the teacher, it can be practiced seated or standing.
No effort or competition is intended in the practice. It does involve raising the arms above the head and soft gentle twists from side to side but if one is unable to do so it is perfectly OK to leave bits out. Only do what is comfortable.
Please wear comfortable clothing and flat comfortable shoes.
If you have not had the chance to renew your membership, we encourage to do so when we meet. The membership fee for 2024/25 is £48. As part of your membership, you can attend eleven meetings throughout the year and have membership to WI Avon Fed and National WI. Of the £48, we receive £23.60 of your membership, and this go towards covering the cost of speakers, materials, hall rent (which is £34 per meeting) and outings.
Membership can be paid by bank transfer or cash.
We hope to see you on Wednesday 29th at 8pm.