Saturday 24 March 2012

March meeting of the Malago maidens

Hello on this fine day, I do hope you're enjoying the sunshine.

Well, February's meeting was a hive of productivity. Fuelled only by cake, tea, and imagination, we really broke the back of the art trail crafting. With just 8 weeks to go until we open the Stormy Teacup Cafe, we now have a good supply of origami birds, beautiful embroidered canvases, wool-wrapped letters, and decoupage vases. If you did take your craft home to complete, don't forget to bring it back - either the March or April meetings would be good times to show off your wares. Thanks for all your hard work - we can't wait for you to see the caff in all its glory. Not long now...

Don't forget to let us know to add your name to the rota or if you're able to supply cakes or other foodie bits - drop us an email:

And onto our March meeting. Back at the January 'Happiness' session, we talked a bit about ways to record the good things in your life, and the subject of blogging came up. We think this is a really interesting subject, and so we're dedicating the March meeting to the subject.

We've rounded up some of the south west's best bloggers to come and talk, chat-show style, in order to give us the low-down on blogging. It's a fascinating area but one that can seem overwhelming to a newbie, so our four panelists will demystify the world of blogs, talk a little about their motivations and what they gain from writing on the internet, and we can help out with any Malago members who are interested in beginning their own blogs.

Our four guest bloggers are:
Bethany - author of Bristol Craft
Josephine - self-styled Slummy Single Mummy
Laura - all the way from Cardiff, writes Side Street Style
Catherine - of Bristol Parenting Cafe

Do you read blogs? Which are your favourites? Bring along a list of any blogs you'd like to share with the rest of the group and we can begin our very own Blogroll!

See you on Wednesday,