Malago Women’s Institute Environmental Policy
Members of the committee have worked on developing this draft Environmental Policy, and welcome comments from members, either by leaving comments on the website or by email 

Statement of Intent
Malago Women’s Institute recognises that our operations have an impact in the local and global environment.

This document sets out our intent to minimise this impact and lists a number of measures to be implemented in order to do so.

This policy is implemented from committee level. This document should be issued to all members to make them aware of their own personal responsibilities. 

The process of implementing environmental improvements will be done in consultation with members, who will be invited to suggest ways we can minimise our environmental impact. This will ensure that all considerations are taken into account and that understanding and co-operation is optimised.

This document signals Malago WI’s intent to:
1. develop a sense of responsibility for the environment amongst all members.
2. set targets to improve the use of energy and raw materials and reduce the group’s environmental impact. Regularly review and report on progress each year.
3. work towards becoming a Carbon Neutral Organisation.
4. reduce wastage to a minimum and to recycle materials to the maximum. recognise that wasting energy causes avoidable pollution so endeavour to keep energy use to a practical minimum.
5. avoid/reduce pollution of air, land and water wherever possible.
6. promote sustainability in all its forms through our programme and fundraising efforts.
encourage members to use sustainable means of transport when travelling to and from meetings and events.
7. consider this environmental policy in future decision making processes.
8. celebrate and publicise Malago WI’s environmental successes to members and the wider community to be a role model of environmental performance for the community.

Malago WI Environmental Policy
Malago WI has made and continues to make a concerted effort to improve its environmental performance. The objectives of this process are to:
  • minimise the environmental impact that Malago WI has on the local and global environment,
  • minimise waste of money and resources, and
  • set a good example of environmental performance to members

All members are encouraged to adhere to the procedures set out in this policy and to help Malago WI optimise its environmental performance in every possible way. Notes are included below in order to help members to do this.

Malago WI has a switch off policy for all lights and all electrical appliances, to encourage all members to take greater attention to minimise waste by turning off lights, electrical appliances and radiators when not needed.

Members are encouraged to ensure that lights are neither switched on when they are not needed or left on longer than they are needed. Members are also requested to encourage other members to do the same.

Electrical appliances should be switched off overnight and when not in use

All committee members should consider energy efficiency when purchasing all new equipment and to make regular PATs (portable appliance tests) on appliances.

Waste reduction and recycling
The following procedures for re-cycling and re-using waste should be followed as far as possible.

1. Reduction and Re-use
Envelopes should be opened carefully and reused as far as possible.
Paper printed on one side only should be re-used for printing draft copies.
Used paper should also be used for note pads and scraps of paper for messages etc.

2. Recycling
Paper, glass bottles, cans and cardboard should be collected outside the kitchen area and taken home by committee members for weekly black bin recycling.
Bubble wrap packaging will be reused.
All other items will be recycled through the Bristol Freecycle website group

3. Water conservation and pollution measures
Members should remember to conserve water where possible and ensure that taps are turned off after use.
Care should be taken to minimise the chemicals entering the drains. Non toxic cleaning products will be used whenever possible

Members are encouraged to consider walking, cycling, public transport or lift sharing to Malago WI activities, as far as possible.

General/ Purchasing
Our bank account is with ethical bank smile. 

Any direct purchasing of food and drink should be GM-free, and members on the cake rota should be encouraged to use the following ingredients:
Unrefined wheat and sugar products, as far as possible

Malago WI should buy and use cleaning products which are not environmentally damaging (such as Ecover brand).
All paper and envelopes are made from recycled paper

Demonstrating achievements to members and the wider community
Malago WI will take the following steps to communicate with members and the wider community:

Information sent to speakers when they are booked will include statements outlining Malago WI’s environmental policy and requesting members to assist our efforts to optimise environmental performance.

The environmental policy statement of intent will be on display on the reading table and available on the website, a full copy of the document can be viewed on request

The education and activities programme will promote environmental sustainability wherever possible.

Malago WI’s commitment to environmental sustainability shall be clearly stated in marketing material.

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