Thursday 22 May 2014

May the fun continue...

Hello Malagowers,

we'll start start by saying thanks to Helen Blenkinsop for her interesting talk last month on preserving memories and her experiences in writing her parents memoirs.  It was lovely to hear and see members’ memories and family stories and diaries too.  I hope at least some of you have been inspired to do more with the memories you have or have had shared with you.  You can keep up to date with Helen’s writing activities via her website and social media, under her Pseudonym, AA Abbott.
Now tell me, have you all recorded details of last month’s meeting in diary form, photo records or blog format?!

This month’s meeting is a return to a bit of hands-on crafting.  Vicky, from Paper Village will be showing and helping us to make fabric flowers.  These will then be used to embellish dresses made at workshops run by Vicky, in her shop for the Dress a Girl Around the world project – of which we will hear more about at our meeting.

As mentioned at our last meeting, if you have some pieces or off cuts of fabric that you can donate to the cause, please bring them with you, if you have time and can cut out 12cm diameter circles that would be even better!  We’ll need 6 circles per flower, so even if you just do a few each, it’d be a huge help.
Also, any haberdashery you have spare will also be gratefully received and used, so buttons, beads, ribbons and lace – please bring along.

Perhaps you fancy making your own decorative item for embellishing the dresses, bring your crochet hook and crochet flowers, maybe?  Cut out a pocket, add a little embroidery and ribbon trim? If you've got the imagination for a bit of craft free-styling, then go for it! 

Now, how about this Race for Life?  Will you join the Malago WI team to help raise money for Cancer Research UK?  Register HERE for the 5k event and quote our group reference ID DI6428 to link in to our team. 
We’re not planning on breaking any speed records here, some of us will be walking so don't be put off by the thought of running!  Get a friend to register too – you don’t have to be a WI member to join our team.

Alternatively, could you spare a little money to make a donation on our Just Giving page?  We’d be very grateful, and maybe you could share the link amongst your friends via your social media pages?  Whatever you can do to support us and Cancer Research UK will be appreciated.

Finally, our lampshade workshop took place at the weekend and 24 stunning lampshades are now brightening Bristol - there's a photo on our Facebook page if you'd like a look!

Hope to see you on Wednesday, fabric and haberdashery in hand!

Until then,