Saturday 20 June 2015

June news...

Well, hello Malagowers

We hope you enjoyed our little introduction to the world of burlesque last month - the hall looked like the scene of a particularly colourful pillow fight by the end of the evening, but I think we had a good time!

At our meeting on Wednesday 24th June there'll be a bit more audience participation as we're having a drumming workshop.  The workshop revolves around the use of common or garden objects such as biscuit tins, food containers, pots and pans, buckets and baking trays for example; in fact anything that makes a ‘good noise’ when hit - avoiding fragile objects such as glass or pottery etc for obvious reasons!
So please bring along something to hit and something to hit it with (or just your hand if you prefer).

Lastly,  it's North Street Summer Fair next weekend and we need more people to help out on our stall and bake cakes to sell.  Please, give up a little time to do something for your lovely WI.  Thank you to all who've signed up to help already, but we do need more of you so please email us to let us know what you're able to do, or if you'll be at our meeting on Wednesday you'll be able to sign up then.  Please do!

Until Wednesday...